"What are you gonna be when you grow up?" 

my 3-year-old self would answer,


a woman.

like it was bestest, most wonderful thing i could choose.

now, i explore being a woman through stories, illustration, spirituality, nature-love, discovery and more.


i go by Dariya Za. i was born as Daria, Dasha, with fourteen letters in my last name. in Siberia next to a clean lake, more than twenty years ago.

Some of my favourite childhood memories are from when I was five, living in a little kibutz in Israel. I went to uni in Toronto (Canada) for a couple years. Since leaving formal education, I've been learning healing arts from mentors and nature, and making art to process it all. I adore travel, but in the last two years I've been learning to grow roots. Cleveland's still teaching me.

i appreciate the sensual, the sense-ual, world. my guides are heartful communication, deep breaths, and

freedom. truth. love. the crone, power of death. flowers. aroma. energy medicine. water element. fire. earth. love love love love.

I post stories and art on Patreon, and offer longer projects and erotic art usually just to patrons.

Some art is also for sale on Etsy and Cleveland cafes.